• A-$1600

    • Labor & Birth support​

    • 2 prenatal appts

    • 1 postpartum follow up

  • B-$1800

    • Labor & birth support​

    • First birth photos

    • 2 prenatal appts

    • 1 postpartum follow up

  • c-$2000

    • labor & birth support

    • First birth photos

    • prenatal & postpartum visits

    • Placenta encapsulation or prenatal & pospartum private yoga classes

          What's included:

-Interview to see if we're a good fit

-Phone & Email Support if you have ???

-2 prenatal visits covering birth & post

-On call 2 weeks before & after your EDD

-labor support at your home/hospital

-follow up 1 week-1 month postpartum

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As a Doula, I  Do Not:

-Perform any clinical or medical tasks

-Make decisions for you 

-speak to the staff on your behalf

-project my beliefs and biases onto you

Postpartum support:    $120/4 hours

 -breastfeeding support

 -meal preparation/planning/shopping

 -help w/baby's laundry 

 -integrate a newborn into your new life

 -help process your birth

"mother's body needs her new baby. Just after birth physically, energetically & spiritually there is a rupture. I will create conditions for Mama to thrive."



 -Increases energy supply

 -balances hormones

 -helps prevent/treat baby blues

Private prenatal/postpartum yoga: $50/hr

 -Done in the comfort of your own home